What does it mean to be holy? In this week’s Torah portion Tzav, we read about the consecration of Aaron, his sons and the mishkan, the tabernacle, by Moses. Everyone who entered, and everything used within the mishkan, needed to be holy.

But what does that really mean? How can we be holy? According to our Holiness code in parsha Kedoshim, we are told that “You must be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.” God then instructs us on the things we must do to be holy. Oddly enough, most of what we need to do concerns our relationship with one another, not our relationship with God. To be truly holy we must be KIND to one another. We must treat each other with decency and respect. We must strive to be like God by learning to “Love one another as you love yourself.” If we do this, then we will truly be like God, and this world will become the place God intended it to be. Wishing you all “Sabbath joy, Sabbath holiness, and most of all Sabbath Peace.” Shabbat Shalom!