Hebrew Seminary’s curriculum is text-centered, focusing, Kabbalah, Healing Prayer, Bible, Hebrew, as well as traditional Talmud study, with the goal of nurturing rabbis who have the expertise, confidence, and courage to not only hear the voice of God, but to teach their communities to hear the voice of God as well.

Hebrew Seminary welcomes full and part-time students who have completed an undergraduate degree at a recognized four-year college or university. We also welcome second-career, working students and students who wish to audit our courses.

Our ordination program is an intensive five-year course of study that includes a total of 60 semester-long classes. There are 3 semesters per academic year. Upon completion of these classes, each student is required to complete a thesis under the guidance of a Hebrew Seminary advisor.

Course credits are distributed over four core areas of study (Hebrew, Talmud, Kabbalah/Healing Prayer, and Practical Rabbinics) and six non-core areas of required study (Bible, Midrash, Jewish history, Jewish philosophy, Liturgy, and Jewish Deaf studies), plus electives.

Course Distribution by Subject:

Hebrew: 14 classes
Talmud & Rabbinics: 10 classes
Kabbalah/Healing: 10 classes
Practical Rabbinics: 12 classes
Bible: 1 class
Midrash: 1 class
Jewish History: 3 classes
Jewish Philosophy: 1 class
Liturgy: 1 class
Jewish Deaf Studies/ American Sign Language (ASL): 3 classes

Electives: 4 classes

Total number of courses required for graduation: 60

Most classes are one-and-a-half hours long, and meet once per week, with some text courses meeting for one two-hour session each week. Students are encouraged to work in chevruta (partner learning) outside of class. All Hebrew Seminary classes all classes in which a Deaf or hard-of-hearing student is present will be American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted.

While the curriculum provides a well-rounded course of study, students have the opportunity to major in an area of their choice, and to develop a particular level of expertise in that area. Each student chooses a major by the end of year two, from either Talmud, Kabbalah/Healing, or Jewish Deaf Studies. Two of the student’s four elective courses must be taken in the area of the student’s major.

Student’s must have a basic proficiency in Hebrew to begin classes.

Full time Hebrew Seminary tuition is $4,500 per 16-week semester and $2,250 per 9-week semester (summer), or $11,250 per year. Part time Hebrew Seminary tuition is $750 per course. Additional expenses include books.

Hebrew Seminary welcomes full, part-time and auditing students. All classes are currently conducted online via Zoom and students are welcome to join from across world. We anticipate that in the future we will offer hybrid in person and virtual classes.

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