An Exploration of the Babylonian Talmud ($150 to Audit)


Together we will study selections from the Babylonian Talmud, the text upon which all modern Judaisms are based. We will translate texts from the original Hebrew and Aramaic, work with different commentaries to probe their meaning, and see how these texts form the foundation for modern Jewish life. Cost is $150 to audit and $750 for Rabbinic students.

Aramaic ($150 to Audit)


Join us in learning Judaism’s second holy language: Aramaic. The Targums, the Talmuds, and the Zohar are all written in it, and understanding the Aramaic language is indispensable to being able to read and comprehend Jewish texts of the past two millennia. If you already know Hebrew or Arabic, you will have an easier time of it, but even if you don’t, it is an easy […]


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