Liturgy of Shabbat Evening and Afternoon (Rabbi Michael Davis) | Fridays 10:00 AM- 11:30AM CT
(course begins October 21)

This survey of prayer texts designed to introduce and to conclude Shabbat explores themes, historical development, and practical liturgical singing (or dramatic reading/signing for students who are unable to sing) of such texts as: Psalms 95-99/92-93 for Kabbalat Shabbat; Lekhah Dodi and Yedid Nefesh; Yigdal; Berakhah Achat Me’eyn Sheva; evening Kiddush; Tzidkatekha; and Havdalah. Students will be asked to record themselves ‘performing’ texts however their abilities permit, to offer spiritual and/or historical commentary on select texts, and to be actively present in participating during class time.