Spirituality Behind the Words of the Torah- Rabbi Tirtzah IsraelThursdays 5:00PM CT- 6:30PM CT

Jewish mysticism is an ancient esoteric tradition of wisdom passed from teacher to student.  As the Torah is said to contain multiple layers of mystical teachings, we will take what was once limited to a few into a more openly dynamic endeavor for learning. 

In this course, we will seek to enrich our understanding of select narratives from the Tanakh through the lenses of commentators who sought to explain the purpose of Creation and humanity through the fluidity and ongoing relational dynamics. We will comb through the words and paragraphs of these select narratives to discover additional and expanded lessons: How do these stories deepen our understanding and personal experience of God? How do we find ourselves embedded in the stories of the Torah? How do we make practical use of the Ancient teachings for current-day Jewish life?