Hebrew Seminary, founded in 1992, is a pluralistic, egalitarian, inclusive Rabbinical school that trains people as rabbis, pararabbis, and educators to serve all Jewish communities, including the Deaf community. Hebrew Seminary prepares Jewish leaders who can serve diverse communities of Jews,Jewish communities, multifaith communities, and seekers from all walks of life. 

All classes are currently held virtually and are open to Rabbinic students, as well as auditing students from around the world.

Rabbi Jonah Rank

Photo courtesy of Rabbi Dr. Raysh Weiss

We are excited to announce that after a comprehensive search process, Hebrew Seminary has selected a new President & Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Jonah Rank, effective July 15. We look forward to all that Rabbi Rank will bring to our Seminary. Please join us in welcoming him. He can be reached directly at rabbirank@hebrewseminary.org.

We are very sorry to share that Hebrew Seminary’s cherished Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Dr. Douglas Goldhamer, zikhro livrakhah (זִכְרוֹ לִבְרָכָה, ‘of blessed memory’), departed this world on February 3, 2022. Rabbi was so proud of everyone at Hebrew Seminary. We are his legacy. His teachings, his kindness, his unconditional love and acceptance, and his dedication to bringing all of us closer to HaShem, will continue on, through all of you. Please click here to read a tribute in The Forward about Rabbi Dr. Goldhamer. May Rabbi’s memory be a blessing for all of us.

Rabbi Dr. Douglas Goldhamer was featured by Silverscreen Studios, in partnership with Reboot, for the first episode of the new series
“Sign of the Times.” Rabbi Dr. Goldhamer and Silverscreen were featured in the Chicago Tribune here.

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