“At Hebrew Seminary, I was taught “how to learn” from wise and wonderful teachers while I was supported and learned from my dear Chevruta (study partner) and classmates. I learned how to access our beloved Rabbinic texts in order to learn from our sages over the centuries. It was a taste of the olam ha’bah (the world to come).”

Rabbi Marcey Rosenbaum, Hebrew Seminary Alumnus, Chaplain at Rush University

“One of the best things about HS was that we didn’t (just) study mysticism; we practiced it. Rabbi Goldhamer had us doing meditations and healing prayer in class. Nothing beats that kind of real experience. There were other top notch teachers as well whose fantastic teachings and perspectives still inform me today.”

Rabbi Menachem Cohen, Hebrew Seminary Alumnus, Spiritual Director of Mitziut, Tabletop Game Designer, Professor of Spirituality at HS

“I remember that morning of the interview. It’s etched in my memory. I also remember Dr. Goldhamer asking me why did I want to become a rabbi? I thought for brief moment and closed my eyes only to see myself standing at Mt. Sinai. Then I answered, “We were all standing at Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah.” He took a puff on his pipe and said, “…after reviewing your application you are accepted!” As time went on at the Seminary Dr. Goldhamer became my mentor and teacher especially in Mysticism and the Kabbalah, my favorite subject, a subject I continue to study to this very day.”

Rabbi Tirtzah Israel, Working to expand the Kindness Project, teaches Meditation (online in the U.S. and Canada), and studies the Zohar and the Kabbalah.

“The lighting of the candles, the signing and the singing has inspired me to become the woman I am today…I chose Hebrew Seminary as my rabbinic school because I never have to worry about an interpreter, classes are modified based on one’s needs and it’s an all inclusive place regarding what abilities you are.”

Sari Daybook, Hebrew Seminary Rabbinic Student, Signing Choir at Congregation Bene Shalom and instructional assistant for Special Education

Hebrew Seminary’s approach was truly a blessing to me, to begin to understand that there was no single, monolithic way to be (or to do) Jewish, and what that might mean in my own life and personal practice.”

Rabbi Dena Bodian, College Chaplain and Campus Rabbi, Wellesley College
Ezra Samuels

“My rabbinic cohort is comprised of Jews of Color, LGBTQ+ Jews, Deaf Jews, Jews in interfaith/multicultural relationships… people who’ve previously been told that we don’t belong in Jewish communities, let alone deserve to lead them. Instead of sticking to that narrative, Hebrew Seminary is empowering us to learn from our people’s past and create a more just and inclusive Jewish future.”

Ezra Samuels, Hebrew Seminary Rabbinic Student, Jewish & Nonprofit Professional, Member of Elite Dance Company