Tuition Costs: Rabbinical, Parabinnical, Mekhinah

The cost of tuition for students in Hebrew Seminary’s Rabbinical School, Pararabbinic Program, and Mekhinah Program depends both on the number of courses students take in an individual semester and the timing of payment of tuition.

Number of Courses Per Semester Tuition Per Course
1 $900.00
2 $825.00
3 or more $750.00

Except in cases where rabbinical students and pararabbinic students create with the Dean of Students, Rabbi Shari Chen (, an alternative tuition repayment plan customized to the students’ particular needs–students follow the default schedule of tuition payment outlined below.

Default Schedule of Tuition Repayment

To secure class enrollment, Hebrew Seminary expects a minimum payment of 20% of the semester’s tuition one week prior to the first day of the coming semester. Rabbinical, pararabbinic, and Mekhinah students with an outstanding balance of $200 or more after making the first payment for the semester are billed for monthly payments of $200 until the balance has been paid. When the outstanding balance of a student’s tuition costs amount to less than $200, students are billed the outstanding amount.

Interest Rates in Tuition Repayment

Students who remain enrolled in courses each academic year in the Mekhinah Program, Pararabbinic Program, or Rabbinical School, are not charged interest on any outstanding balance. An annual interest rate of 3% of a student’s outstanding balance goes into effect after a student has been ordained, graduated, or withdrawn from their program at Hebrew Seminary.


Tuition Costs: Auditing Students

The following options are available for auditing students:

Number of Courses Per Semester Tuition Per Course
1 $200.00

Auditing students’ full tuition balance is due in full 7 days prior to the start of the class. Should you wish to apply later for Mehkinah, Pararabbinic or Rabbinic Program, your audited class will count towards whichever program you enroll in. Auditing students who wish later to apply the audited classes for credits toward a degree (either Rabbinic or Pararabbinic), the difference between the audit fees and the credit fees must be paid per the terms above.

For any questions or assistance with payments, please contact Hebrew Seminary’s Dean of Students, Rabbi Shari Chen.

Hebrew Seminary’s full Tuition Payment Policy may be found here.

Policy on Payment for Dropped Courses may be found here.

The information on this page was last updated on January 16, 2024.