Study the Wisdom of the Sages Online With Hebrew Seminary’s Contemporary Thought Leaders.

Within the vast inner-spaces of the human body and soul lies divinely inspired possibility. Read and reflect with us. Virtually walk hand-in-hand with the great minds of yesterday and discover new creative and compassionate paths for living today and tomorrow.

Register for one of our classes by June 19 and take advantage of our special online summer registration rate […]

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Seminary Class Open to the Hebrew Reading Public

An 8-week class, beginning June 25th – August 13, 2019

Tuesdays 1:15 – 2:45                                
Midrash Tanhuma & Homiletics 
Rabbi Michael Davis

From the earliest times of the synagogue, rabbis have interpreted the Torah to their congregations. In ancient times, this tradition was called Midrash. Later, the techniques of storytelling, intertextual reading, commentary and […]

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Spring Into Study: Spirituality and Spiritual Direction

We’ve added an exciting new class to our

Spring 2019 semester
February 3 – May 30, 2019


11:30 – 1:00                                                                    

Rabbi Menachem Cohen               

Spirituality and Spiritual Direction: A Jewish Perspective

This class will give an introduction to Spiritual Direction, alternatively […]

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Spring into Study! 2019 Semester Begins Feb 3rd

Hebrew Seminary’s Spring Semester begins February 3 and continues through May 30, 2019.

Below is our schedule of class offerings. Call for more information regarding our Hebrew classes or if you would like to visit one of these classes. We welcome part-time and auditing students.
Contact Alison Brown at 847/679-4113


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Fall 2018 Semester Begins September 26th

In Avodah Zara (19a), we learn that one who learns Torah from only one teacher will never see blessing.  At Hebrew Seminary, I had the opportunity to learn from such a diverse group of faculty: not only from across the denominational spectrum, but who had such varied life experiences, and engaged in a wide range of practices.  I also greatly appreciated that each one […]

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Summer is a perfect time to visit Hebrew Seminary and find out what we are all about.

What makes Hebrew Seminary unique and different is that we struggle to find the text in God. Yes, we want our rabbis to be teachers, scholars and pastors. That’s what a rabbi should be. But Hebrew Seminary teaches its students to also be healers and spiritual guides.

Hebrew Seminary Summer Semester 2018
June 25 – August 23, 2018

10:00 – 11:30              […]

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Practical Applications of Kabbalah for Your Daily Life

“Practical Applications of Kabbalah for Your Daily Life”

A ten-session class

With Rabbi Dr. Douglas Goldhamer

Sundays, February 25 – May 6

12:00 – 1:30pm

Kabbalah has many important practical applications that can impact your life on a daily basis – your health, your finances, your relationships with others.  Learn how to connect with Hashem, and activate the Divine within you.  In this class, noted scholar and author Rabbi […]

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Hebrew Seminary’s Inaugural Rabbi Dr. Douglas Goldhamer Scholarship Award

“Being the child of two Holocaust Survivors, it is extremely important to me that families have comforting funeral services for their loved ones. I realize this is a calling for me,” writes Charlene Brooks Clinkman, recipient of the 2017-2018 Hebrew Seminary Rabbi Dr. Douglas Goldhamer Scholarship Award. Student Rabbi Charlene is a cantorial soloist and professional singer. She also uses sign language to accompany […]

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The Visualization of Hebrew Grammar through Ancient Hand Signs


Skokie, Illinois, June 7, 2017. You may be familiar with Hebrew trope as the melodies you hear in services, but trope is best known for helping readers understand the texts. Trope brings Torah to today through the use of pauses to break verses into bite-sized phrases and clarify the meaning of Jewish texts. Hebrew Seminary’s summer semester begins June 27th and includes […]

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Summer Semester 2017


Summer Semester 2017

A Purposeful Torah Pause

June 25  –  August 24, 2017


Pause with us this summer.
Pause with purpose
to pursue rabbinic ordination or consider it.


Rabbi Cantor Rob Jury returns this semester with a practical rabbinics class, Shabbat Liturgy, and Rabbi Daniel Vaisrub is offering a “companion” Talmud class, Ancient & Modern Approaches to […]

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