Within the vast inner-spaces of the human body and soul lies divinely inspired possibility. Read and reflect with us. Virtually walk hand-in-hand with the great minds of yesterday and discover new creative and compassionate paths for living today and tomorrow.

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Summer Semester 2020
22 June 2020 – 23 August 2020

                                    Classes Open to the Public

2:00 – 3:00         Rabbi Daniel VaisrubProfessor of Talmud
         The Art of Talmud
         text from BT Avodah Zarah 40b-41a

We will journey our way through a fun Talmudic sugya on Judaism and Art History. Side trips include visits to Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rome, Troyes, and Ramerupt.

Topics include:

Intro: what is the Talmud, and why should I care?
Ancient idolatry, modern idolatry
Judaism emerging in the midst of a Graeco-Roman civilization
Judaism as layered, emerging tradition
Reading and rereading our ancestors’ teachings
Changing circumstances, changing practices
History of Science — Tosafot, Maimonides, Alexander the Great, and flat earthers
Art and philosophy: what does it mean for something to mean something?
Post-modernism and the Talmud: did the Talmud really beat European philosophers by 1200 years?

         1:00 – 2:30         Rahmiel Hayyim DrizinProfessor of Kabbalah
Studies In Zohar
This class will examine classic Zohar sections that appear in the beginning of the Holy Zohar, using Daniel Matt’s wondrous translation as a side text.  Continuing from last Semester, with context provided for new students, we will move through the Zohar with an eye towards meditative connection and personal transcendence. 

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